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What is MyMobileCoverage?

MyMobileCoverage is a SaaS based application that provides location-based customer experience analytics to carriers worldwide directly from their subscribers.

How does it work?

A customer running the MyMobileCoverage SmartClient application on their Smartphone will collect network performance data and send it in to MyMobileCoverage servers. Once received, the data is processed and analyzed. Using the MyMobileCoverage web application, an administrator can view the measurements taken from their customers on their network. These measurements are represented as events with map overlays.

What are “events”?

An “event” is a representation of an activity or action that was experienced on the user’s handset. Events can be both passive and active. Events can include dropped calls, failed calls, outages, and data speed tests. Each event will have many associated attributes such as: latitude, longitude, signal strength, and battery level.

How is the user’s privacy protected?

Protecting user’s privacy is of paramount importance to MyMobileCoverage. The MyMobileCoverage SmartClient application is opt-in only. Users download and register the application to share their coverage data with their primary network operator or to remain anonymous. We never share coverage data or personal data with third parties.

Where and for how long is the data stored?

Data is transmitted to the MyMobileCoverage secure platform servers. Data can be viewed for up to one year.

How is data sent to the servers?

Data collected from a user’s device gets transmitted to the server via a data connection or Wi-Fi connection.


How often does data get sent into the server?

Depending on the importance of the event, the data is sent between immediately and three hours. A critical event such as a dropped call will be sent immediately, while lower-priority coverage data will be sent on a repetitive three-hour interval in order to preserve bandwidth and battery. Users who have chosen to send data over wi-fi only will send collected data immediately upon being connected to wi-fi.

How much data will a user collect and submit over the period of a month?

The average amount of data can range anywhere between 1.5MB to 5MB.

How long does it take for “events” and coverage to appear on the maps?

Both events and coverage will be visible on the map in as little as ten minutes.

How fast do the maps get updated?

Both events and coverage will be visible on the map in as little as ten minutes.

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9000, 9700, 9900, 9790 Bold

Android Devices OS 2.1+

Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Ace, Samsung Galaxy Infuse 4G, Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Note, Motorola Razr, LG P500h, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Huawei U8820, Dell Streak, HTC One X, HTC X710a

iPhone OS version 4.3+

iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5

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Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Chrome, Safari and Firefox




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