Protecting your privacy and the privacy of your data is paramount to MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage. This privacy statement provides information about the information data that MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage collects and, the ways in which we use, store and secure that informationdata..



Collection of data

The MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage sSmartphone application is a user Òopt-inÓ product, which means we only collect data from users that give us express permission to do so at the time of download for MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage to collect certain types of information directly from their mobile devices for the purpose of measuring aggregated (anonymous) mobile network performance data and personal (user identifiable) mobile network performance data. 

The aggregated information collected is made available to the primary network operator and personal information is available to the individual user and their primary network operator for the purposes of improving network performance. Aggregated data and personal information may be made available to regulatory bodies for the purposes of monitoring operator service lev

Examples of aggregated information data gathered from a compilation of many users are; general network coverage details and dropped call count summaries and locations per carrier.


Examples of personal information data gathered unique to each user are; mobile number, network IMSI, device IMEI, location information and the email address a user may choose to provide at the time of registration.  MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage makes no effort to identify a user.  MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage makes no effort to in any way to use personal information data provided other than for the purpose of uniquely recognizing a user when they choose to access their own personal informationdata. 


Location information which is of a personal nature or which could be used by a third party to identify the location of a user without their consent is not shared with any third party, except that userÕs primary wireless network provider. Location information may be made available to regulatory bodies for the purposes of monitoring operator service levels.

Data regarding normal usage of the MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage application is also collected from Android Mobiles via Google Analytics.  Users may choose to opt-out of having such usage data collected via Google Analytics.



What type of data is collected by MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage?


Dropped calls, failed calls, total events, no coverage eventsoutages, and coverage ratioperiodic sampling of

and radioRadio engineering parameters such as RSCP, PSC, BitErrorRate (*Android Only)signal quality

sSignal Ec/Io, signal strength, Ccell ID and LAC

Downloaded applications, application usage and battery statistics, LAC, timestamp, how our app affects batteryevent type, duration, battery usage data

Location (network location and GPS)

GPS measurements: latitude/longitude, speed, heading, uncertainty, altitude

Data speed rate (upload and download)

MCC, MNC, IMSI, IMEI, phone number, handset manufacturer, model, MMC version



What type of data is collected via Google Analytics?

Page views for all screens when using the MyMobileCoverage app.

Event tracking for:

GPS preferences of the app, Starting a Speed Test, your Login and Signup


What type of data is not collected?We do not collect any of the following types of data:


Keystroke loggings

Content of SMS (tText) messages, instant messaging such as BBM or Skype, email messages, photographs, audio, video, and cContact lists, downloaded Applications or Application usage




The MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage website creates cookies on the computer used to access the website. These cookies are used to personalize your experience, such as the types of data you would like to view over your personal coverage map. The cookies do not store any personal information.



Securing your data

MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage takes all reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal informationdata. MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage stores all personal information data on its secure servers and takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that this information data cannot be covertly accessed by third parties.



Sharing information with third parties

MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage shares no user informationpersonal data with third parties.  When we have your permission we may provide this data to your primary wireless provider or to regulatory bodies for the purpose of monitoring or validating your operatorÕs service levels. User information may be made available to regulatory bodies for the purposes of monitoring operator service l  Your data may be incorporated anonymously in aggregated data that may be shared with third parties.  MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage accepts no responsibility for any information data that a user should choose to share with any third party. We encourage you to review our Terms and Conditions to understand how these may apply to you.



Cross-border data transfers

Information that MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage collects may be stored and processed in and transferred between any of the countries in which MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage or its applications operate to enable the collection, secure storage or use of the information data in accordance with this privacy policy. You agree to such cross-border transfers of personal informationdata.



Other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites. MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage may choose to be associated in the future with any third party website that may choose to display a link to our website, or to any website that may provide a link which allows our client application to be downloaded by a user. For example, information and downloads included in our services may become available on such third party sites. Personal and other information you provide to such third party sites is subject to the privacy policies of such websites. Some or all of this information may be sent to us. We use the same privacy policies to process that information. Other websites may have different privacy practices and we encourage you to read and understand any third party privacy policies prior to providing any information to those parties. MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party.



Updating this statement

MyMobileCoverageSMMyMobileCoverage may update this privacy policy by posting a new version on this website. This privacy policy will always be available on you on your mobile from the application menu on the Settings tab. You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are familiar with it and any changes made. We also encourage you to review our Terms and Conditions to understand how these could affect you.



Contact MyMobileCoverageSM

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