To be the leader in mobile analytics tools.


To provide real-time analytics relating to network performance, customer experience and business intelligence.

MyMobileCoverageSM is the leader in mobile analytics tools.

We enable our clients to view precise Quality of Experience (QoE) information produced directly by their subscribers with the widest range of detailed performance measurements available. MyMobileCoverageSM provides global solutions for Network Performance, Mobile Analytics, and Mobile Customer Care.

The MMC Value Propositions

Engineering & Quality Assurance

  • Near real-time multi-dimensional view of network performance from the subscriber handset
  • Investigate abnormal events: dropped/blocked calls, no service, slow data speeds
  • Coverage analysis
  • Data correlation with other data sources
  • Assist in new technology rollout (4G/LTE)

Marketing & Business Intelligence

  • Continuous KPI analysis by market, segment, groups, devices
  • Continuous analysis of customer experience, movement, and usage
  • Competitive performance benchmarking
  • Provide customer experience feedback mechanism
  • Geo targeted marketing campaigns

Enterprise / High-Value Customer Support / Operational Intelligence

  • Customer support with real-time analysis of mobile experience
  • Manage segments of subscribers with ‘Grouping’ feature
  • Set ‘Alerts’ triggered by minimum performance thresholds
  • Manage SLAs for Enterprise VIP customers
  • User Experience statistics for device and mobile applications