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Our highly scalable cloud based architecture reduces the time, cost and effort
of implementing customized QoE solutions.

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The MyMobileCoverageSM solution delivers true visibility into the Quality of Experience (QoE) and network performance of mobile networks. Network operators can gain instant access to multi-dimensional views and KPI reports of aggregated data collected from their subscribers.


Included in the solution is the MyMobileCoverageSM mobile client which delivers continuous metrics right from the mobile subscriber’s handsets. Network “events” such as loss of service, dropped and failed calls, and data throughput speeds are easily crowdsourced and geo-tagged. Measurements related to the RF environment, handset, and GPS are taken right from the device.


Using the MyMobileCoverageSM SaaS based solution provides network operators with the invaluable capability to understand how their network is performing and how subscribers are actually using their network, enabling operators to identify opportunities for improvement.